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8 Jun 2012

New Indigo for Revit version with texture support

We have recently released a new version of Indigo for Revit, in which we added, among other things, support for textures in the material conversion. This simplifies the workflow a lot and it is now much easier to make decent visualisations with no manual changes on the materials at all. This Revit s

18 Apr 2012

Simple interior renderings by dcm and Zom-B

Indigo users dcm and Zom-B posted these "simple" interior renderings in the Simple Renderings Thread (which is notoriously full of not-so-simple renderings). There is also a new spin-off thread, specifically for simple interiors: Simple Interiors Thread (Click on the images for full resolution rende

27 Oct 2011

A bit more on UI improvements

As you may already know, we improved the material and medium editing user interface for the upcoming Indigo 3.2 release. Another important change to this is the way materials and media are linked to each other. In Indigo 3.0, the link ui was just a simple dropdown, which worked, but was far from ide

9 Oct 2011

Material Editing Imporvements

In the last couple of weeks and months, we put some more work into the material editing UI, to make it easier to use and use less space on the screen. This is a little preview of what is to come in the next release, Indigo 3.2, and still a work in progress, so if you have any wishes and suggestions,

14 Jun 2011

Indigo Renderer 3.0 and Indigo RT

Glare Technologies is proud to announce the release of Indigo Renderer version 3.0 and Indigo RT. This update brings many usability refinements and improvements to the rendering engine, and to celebrate its release we're running a 33% off sale until 11th of July. Indigo Renderer 3.0 is a generationa

17 May 2011

Indigo Renderer 3.0 Preview

Indigo Renderer 3.0 introduces several next-generation features such as interactive scene editing and camera controls, all powered by a supercharged rendering engine which now supports GPU acceleration for both CUDA and OpenCL. Seamlessly edit displacement maps and material shaders in the same intui

1 Oct 2010

Indigo for Revit Beta 4 Released with Revit 2011 Support

We are proud to announce the release of Indigo for Revit Beta 4. It now supports Revit 2011 and has many Improvements over the last release, such as: - Added support for Revit 2011 - Fixed problem where no 3d Views where found in non English versions - Added support for environment maps - Fixed UV e

16 Sep 2010

Indigo 2.4 Stable Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Indigo 2.4.13 as Indigo Renderer 2.4 Stable. We will be offering a special 15% reduction for the next two weeks, until September 30th, to celebrate the 2.4 stable release. Read about the new features and improvements since 2.2 here. You can view the press rel

23 Aug 2010

Indigo for Revit Beta 3 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Indigo for Revit Beta 3. It has many Improvements over the last release, such as: - An updated material editor - Online material database integration - Better conversion of light sources, using temperature, light intensity and IES settings from Revit - An impr

2 Jul 2010

Indigo for Revit Beta 2 for Revit 2009/2010 released

We released a new beta version of Indigo for Revit for 2009 and 2010. It features an updated material system, Material Database integration, external materials (so you can link materials created with the material editor) and more. We are still working on the 2011 version and we'll release it as soon