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20 Apr 2010

Indigo 2.4 Open Beta - 20% faster!

We are pleased to announce that we have released the first Indigo 2.4 beta. In the 2.4 series we'll mainly be focusing on GUI updates and bugfixes, but apart from that there have also been some significant speedups of the rendering core. Indigo 2.4 offers a 20-30% speed increase over Indigo 2.2 stab

8 Apr 2010

Login problems?

We've been doing some changes to the server recently and a few user accounts seem to be "blocked" for some reason. If you have problems logging in please send us an email to support@indigorenderer.com, we will sort it out for you. One workaround for it is to use the login on bottom of the forum inde

24 Jan 2010

Another fantastic render by dcm

He did it again! It also makes a very nice frontpage image. See the thread here. Keep it up dcm!