Selecting Indigo for rendering externally

This section is about how to select the Indigo installation to use for rendering externally with Indigo Renderer or Indigo RT.

Automatic detection of Indigo installation on Windows

On Windows the Indigo installation directory should be automatically detected.

If the installation directory can not be detected Indigo for C4D will show a dialog on export asking to specify the location of indigo.exe.

Selecting the Indigo installation on OS X

On OS X the installation directory can not be automatically detected. When starting the first export process, a dialog will show up asking to select the directory the is located in.

Selecting Indigo installation in Presets in C4D R12 and newer

This part applies to Indigo for C4D 3.4.8 and newer only.

In C4D R12 an newer there is a Indigo Renderer page in the Presets window where the path to the Indigo installation can be changed.

The presets can be accessed from the main menu under "Edit" -> "Preferences" (or with the shortcut CTRL + E).

On windows this path will default to the automatically detected Indigo installation directory.