Want Massive help and interest in the product?

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Want Massive help and interest in the product?

Post by Ascensi » Tue Jan 30, 2024 2:20 pm

I keep coming back to this community over the years and I'm sad to see that it isn't evolving fast or fast enough to keep up with the newer programs and their features (At this time, Developer last posted in 2022)

So I recommend the following before this software is overrun by the progress of host programs and game engines.

1. Make this software greatly price reduced or free(doesn't provide support so you can focus on development) but make the nodes cost a very small amount.

2. Provide some new/universal formats like Alembic, USD etc so everyone can export animations to render

3. If you can't currently write code fast enough, get AI to help, apparently it works.

4. When you start getting up to speed with more capital to hire, think about using AI to render tasks/corrective rendering.

5. Advertise with the Phrase "Open Source" when it comes to plugin development or extensions, SDK keyword will not go far by itself.

6. Run a Facebook ad to reach people quickly.

7. Get it on Steam

8. This would have to be done Now, not 6 months later.

GPU Renders evolve just like everything else, don't set your price/expectations high - there are many competitors.

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