Using Indigo for Revit

After installing Indigo for Revit, a tool bar for Indigo Renderer will be added under the Add-Ins menu.

Please note that this menu is inaccessible in perspective views due to Revit plugin limitations.

The Indigo for Revit workflow

To render your scene with Indigo, ensure that you have a 3D camera set up, then hit the Render with Indigo button in the Indigo Renderer addin menu.

The general Indigo for Revit workflow:

  1. Create or position a 3D camera to be used for rendering.
  2. Edit the Render Settings.
  3. If you are using Revit 2013, tweak the materials and their attributes using the Indigo Material Editor. Revit 2014's material system is vastly improved, and no manual tweaking is necessary for accurately converted and beautifully rendered materials.
  4. Render with Indigo.