Indigo News
27 Feb 2012

Sarah Dorweiler Visualisations

Sarah Dorweiler at Sarah Dorweiler Visualisierungen (Visualisations) has been creating some truly amazing architectural and interior visualisations with Indigo Renderer. Sarah has achieved a remarkable combination of complete photorealism and style in her images, as is evident from her gallery. Clic

24 Feb 2012

Plexiglass Palace

A collaborative work between myself (lycium) and Pasternak on deviantArt, this scene was modelled using Structure Synth and rendered with Indigo Renderer. Click for full 2560x1600 (16:10 aspect) image:

9 Feb 2012

Gritty black & white render, "Decay" by Enslaver

Well-known for his highly enjoyable abstract works, Indigo forum user Enslaver has knocked another one out of the park with his Daz3D modelled + ivy covered composition "Decay." Currently there's a whole page of compliments in the Simple Renders thread just for this one image! Produced with the new

31 Jan 2012

Announcing IndigoMax

In case you missed the announcement on our 3ds Max forum, we have a brand new 3ds Max exporter in development: IndigoMax! Through a partnership with Jakub Jeziorski, a fully native plugin for 3ds Max using the Indigo SDK is being developed to take integration with Indigo to the next level. Early rel

16 Dec 2011

Recent progress in the CUDA ecosystem

Less than a week after my previous post about how "only OpenCL can expose massively parallel compute capabilities in a vendor-neutral way", NVIDIA open-sourced their CUDA compiler! Obviously they are intently watching this blog, and had to react to my nay-saying. Jokes aside, this is a big move for

9 Dec 2011

Recent progress in the OpenCL ecosystem

Recently AMD announced an increased focus on its Accelerated Parallel Processing SDK, promising more frequent updates tied to display driver releases on all platforms; AMD Product Manager for Compute Solutions Mark Ireton wrote on their developer blog, "[...] we will also be upgrading our OpenCL sol

27 Oct 2011

A bit more on UI improvements

As you may already know, we improved the material and medium editing user interface for the upcoming Indigo 3.2 release. Another important change to this is the way materials and media are linked to each other. In Indigo 3.0, the link ui was just a simple dropdown, which worked, but was far from ide

24 Oct 2011

Indigo Shader Language and Winter talk

I gave a lightning talk (10 min talk) on Indigo Shader Language (ISL) and Winter, at the European LLVM User Group Meeting in London, on the 16th of September. You can view the talk slides in PDF form here.

21 Oct 2011

Imaging pipeline improvements in Indigo 3.0.14

The imaging pipeline collectively refers to the sequence of processing steps which result in the final displayed image. This consists of tone mapping, white point correction, light layer processing and the image resizing from the super-sampled source data. Previously this would require a number of a

10 Oct 2011

Minimalist Indigo Renders by Stinkie

Indigo forum user Stinkie uses Indigo to render extremely lifelike renders of what look like minimalist, modernist constructions. You can see more of Stinkie's work in the Indigo forum thread here: