Monday 21st of April 2008
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Yeah but it’s a very specific case. Indeed it would be coo...31 Dec 2020 23:30
You made me curios. So if you can’t transfer that pigs the...31 Dec 2020 08:53
... and compressed as pigs?...30 Dec 2020 18:12
no, i can't (look to the scene folder size): Clipboard01.pn...29 Dec 2020 12:55
Erm no... but spare time. ^^ Happy holidays!...28 Dec 2020 19:07
Yeah it should be optional. In the meantime you could pack a...28 Dec 2020 12:01
Now I've got your point! Indeed focus object distance is no...25 Dec 2020 11:11
Sorry, not in the first example scene here. I exported the a...23 Dec 2020 19:05

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