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Searching the forum, I see that it is @galinette that is beh...24 Jan 2022 12:00
Shouldn't you be able to recreate the tabulated data in the...24 Jan 2022 11:46
Hello! Is it possible to define tabulated reflection values...21 Jan 2022 17:52
Hey, There seems to be a bug with Architectural Glass and B...05 Aug 2021 10:19
Hi! Is the Blender exporter still being maintained? The cur...02 Aug 2021 21:57
This is what the nodes look like currently. The nice thing i...09 Apr 2021 15:15
Hi @MZ and @fused, A while back I played around with integ...09 Apr 2021 13:25
Suuuper nice! Very quick first test shows a very noticeable ...11 Dec 2019 13:12

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