Glare Technologies releases Indigo 3.8

Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 3rd December 2014

Glare Technologies, a New Zealand- and UK-based company which specialises in high-end 3D visualisation software, is proud to announce the release of the 3.8 version of their rendering products Indigo Renderer and Indigo RT.

Using unbiased, physically-based rendering techniques, Indigo generates images of unparalleled accuracy and realism. Well-known for being both user friendly and extremely powerful, Indigo has become the tool of choice for professionals demanding the highest quality visualisations possible, without having to deal with complicated renderer settings.

The official Indigo 3.8 announcement page is available here:

Glare will be running a 16% off sale until the 31st of December, during which Indigo Renderer will be priced at only €499 (normally €595), and Indigo RT only €119 (normally €145). Customers purchasing Indigo 3.8 during this sale will receive a free upgrade to Indigo 4 immediately upon release!

Indigo 3.8 brings massive performance improvements - up to 2x faster rendering, and render restarts are up to 42x faster.

The new Architectural Glass feature greatly speeds up architectural visualisation, while capturing important optical effects such as reflection and absorption as light passes through the glass.

Indigo's new built-in object scattering allows millions of objects to be quickly scattered across a surface - perfect for realistic grass and forests.

The Coating and Double-sided Thin materials are more flexible than ever, allowing for advanced materials like special car paints and carbon fibre.

Glare's advanced sky model is now even more realistic than before, with refinements resulting in more accurate colours, especially at dawn and dusk.

Indigo's SketchUp plugin, SkIndigo, has been massively improved, resulting in much faster export times - up to 14x faster.

Indigo 4 development is well underway, and Glare is excited to announce two extremely important feature additions: a totally new OpenCL-based rendering core, and photon mapping extensions for bidirectional path tracing.

Indigo 4's pure GPU rendering will use OpenCL to provide powerful multi-GPU support on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.