New Indigo Benchmark release

New Indigo Benchmark release

Written Friday 23 Oct

We have a new build of the benchmark out.
The last benchmark build was 4.0.64, so a long time ago. There have been a lot of changes in Indigo since then, including a lot of optimisations.

The most important changes for the benchmark are:

* Fixed performance scaling when rendering with multiple Nvidia GPU devices.

There was an issue when rendering with multiple Nvidia GPU devices at once, scaling wasn't nearly as good as it should have been. (see This is fixed in Indigo 4.4.10.

* Enabled CPU bucket rendering for the benchmark.

Bucketed rendering for CPU was introduced in Indigo 4.4.5. It allows better scaling with many CPU cores, so it's perfect for benchmarking modern CPUs with lots of cores.

* Fixed issue with setting thread affinity when the number of CPUs in a group is 64.

This is quite a specific issue, but if you tried to render with exactly 64 logical CPU cores, thread affinity was set incorrectly.

Links to Benchmark builds:
Windows -
Linux -
OS X -

Keep an eye out for new results on the Benchmark Results page:, or submit your own results there.