Indigo 4.2 Release

Indigo 4.2 Release

Written Friday 6 Dec

Glare Technologies is excited to announce the release of Indigo 4.2!

You can read about it here:

We'll be running a 16% off sale until the 31st of December, during which Indigo Renderer will be priced at only €499 (normally €595), and Indigo RT only €119 (normally €145).

Indigo 4.2 brings CPU and GPU rendering optimisations, Render Channels (AOVs) and updated plugins. It's a free upgrade for existing Indigo 4.0 customers.

We also recently released a beta version of Indigo 4.4, which includes major new features such as denoising, bucket rendering, texture compression and an greatly improved IPR for the Cinema 4D plugin.