Indigo 4.0.48 Beta Release

Indigo 4.0.48 Beta Release

Written Tuesday 21 Mar

We have been working hard on a new beta release, which brings many new and useful features to Indigo. Here are a selected few:

Light layers - GPU support and UI updates

We implemented complete light layer support for OpenCL (GPU) rendering, which allows quick and easy balancing of light sources during or after rendering using your GPU.

A nifty new feature is the thumbnail to each light layer, making it easier to find that particular layer you're looking for in the stack. Other additions include the possibility to assign a light source to a light layer directly in Indigo GUI, as well as adding new layers.

GPU - adaptive resolution for greater responsiveness

To ensure good responsiveness and frame rate even at higher resolutions, the resolution now dynamically adapts when doing realtime camera or material changes.

Adjustable light sampling

In some lighting scenarios, and especially using less sophisticated render modes such as normal path-tracing, some light sources can become more noise prone than others. That's now easily adjusted using the emission sampling multiplier. Higher values means more processing power dedicated to that particular light source.

Full changelog and download links here: