IndigoBench: benchmark your GPUs and CPUs!

IndigoBench: benchmark your GPUs and CPUs!

Written Thursday 22 Sep

We've always enjoyed looking at benchmark results from e.g. Cinebench, since they give a good indication of how the machine will perform for rendering. Some people like fast cars, some like fast rendering engines and GPUs... with IndigoBench you can have both! Besides this, it's just fun to marvel at how powerful the latest CPUs and GPUs are :)

To this end, we developed a standalone benchmarking application which runs two tests, an interior scene by Polygon Manufaktur and a studio-style supercar scene by Oscar Johansson, to produce a total score. This can optionally be submitted to the results database using your Indigo forum account.

The official IndigoBench page can be found here:

The submitted benchmark results can be found here:

Here's a screenshot of IndigoBench running on a GeForce GTX 1070:

IndigoBench screenshot
IndigoBench on Windows