Indigo 3.6 Release Competition

Indigo 3.6 Release Competition

Written Wednesday 13 Nov

In celebration of the Indigo 3.6 Stable release we are having a competition that is all about Indigo 3.6!

The goal of this competition is to show off the new features in the latest and greatest Indigo release, and entries will be judged by best use of new features.

Starting date is Wednesday the 13th of November, and entries can be submitted no later than Friday the 13th of December.

We're looking forward to seeing what you can do with the new features in Indigo 3.6!

Competition Prizes:

1st place: Indigo Renderer lifetime licence
iPod nano
Indigo Renderer T-shirt

2nd place: Indigo Renderer 3.x licence
Indigo renderer T-shirt

3rd place: Indigo RT 3.x licence
Indigo Renderer mug

Find the rules and discussion here on the forum.