Indigo 4.4
Denoising, lightmap baking, GPU SSS and more
Interior by pavoda

Glare Technologies is proud to announce a major step forward in rendering performance and workflow with Indigo 4.4.

What's new?


Indigo 4.4 comes with a powerful integrated denoiser that removes visible noise from your renders.
This feature can slash render times!


House Near Warsaw - Aleksander Pusz -

Bucket Rendering

In Indigo 4.4 we have added CPU bucket rendering. While helpful for denoising, bucket rendering also speeds up CPU rendering by 15%-100%.

Lightmap baking

Want to get the high-quality lighting information from Indigo into your realtime 3d engine? Now you can with lightmap baking. Use the included UV unwrapper or supply your own lightmap UVs. Save your lightmaps in full quality with the EXR format, or save as 8-bit PNG or JPEG. Lightmap baking works with CPU rendering and with GPU rendering, allowing you to generate high-quality lightmaps in seconds.



Sub-surface scattering (SSS) is now supported with GPU rendering. Also working on GPU is participating media, such as fog, and Fast-SSS, Indigo's solution for super-fast SSS, which allows SSS material renders to converge in just seconds.

Texture compression

With texture compression, your textures can be compressed to just 1/6th their previous size. This allows larger scenes to fit into your CPU and GPU memory.

bubs - Architecture

Improved sky model

Indigo's sky model was already cutting-edge - simulating and capturing the sky colour from the first principles of light scattering and measured data from satellites. We have improved it even further, capturing sky data with 32 wavelengths instead of 16. We are now using Sun spectral irradiance data from the SORCE satellite experiment. All this means that Indigo's new sky model is probably the most accurate ever created.


New fabric material

Indigo 4.4 introduces a new dedicated fabric material. Controls for roughness, sheen colour, and sheen weight make it easy to achieve previously difficult materials like velvet, cloth, and other textiles


Cinema 4D IPR enhancements

The updated C4D plugin now supports R21 on all platforms. Bringing blazing fast speeds to your scenes with the interactive preview renderer - experience a realtime preview of your animations and scenes! Enjoy the integrated viewport IPR and get live updates while you are building your scene. Even faster build time in GPU or CPU mode, realtime camera, lighting, material and mesh feedback and many more optimizations and bug fixes.

Coming in Indigo 4.6

We have some great new features already being tested, that will be available with Indigo 4.6.
Indigo 4.6 is a free upgrade for Indigo 4 customers!

Much faster rendering of null blends / alpha masks

Null-blends / alpha masks are commonly used for foliage and other materials where a transparent silhouette is needed. We heavily optimised this code - some scenes now render 3x or more faster on CPU!

Weekend house, scene by Axel Ritter (Impulse Arts)

Omnidirectional stereo rendering for VR

Omnidirectional stereo spherical rendering allows capture of a still image for stereoscopic viewing on a VR headset.

Faster scene building for GPU

Building the scene for GPU rendering is faster in Indigo 4.6, and uses much less memory, especially on computers with many cores, allowing you to push GPU rendering even further.

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