The RANCH renderfarm now supports Indigo!

General News and accouncements regarding the Indigo render engine
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Indigo 3.8.23 on the RANCH

Post by RenderFred » Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:43 pm


I am glad to announce that we are now running with Indigo 3.8.23. We also have a lot of news on the ergonomics side that you may find interesting in our latest newsletter.

Even newer than what is in the newsletter is the fact that you can now specify a maximum budget for an Indigo project. If you check this option, the system will stop the project when the budget limit is reached (or before that of course, if the quality level you asked for is already reached).



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Re: The RANCH renderfarm now supports Indigo!

Post by Jay-ko » Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:07 am

As well, you rock guys!
I use RanchComputing from now about 2 years I think, they propose a very valuable services.

Thank you for all your works Ranch Team!

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Re: The RANCH renderfarm now supports Indigo!

Post by JP-RANCH » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:27 am

Hi everyone,

Long time no post!

Just to let you know that the RANCH Renderfarm now supports Indigo version 4.0.56

Happy renderings!



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Re: The RANCH renderfarm now supports Indigo!

Post by coubi » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:36 am


It seems to be the 4.0.57 on Ranch Computing.
Can you tell me exactly which version is installed on Ranch Computing and where can I get the indigo installer ?


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Re: The RANCH renderfarm now supports Indigo!

Post by Zom-B » Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:56 pm

Hey coubi,

indigo 4.0.57 was a closed beta not made public.
for doing none GPU rendering you should have the same features as in the 4.0.64 public release.

Here the changelog since 4.0.57:

Code: Select all

* Fixed issue with glossy transparent and specular materials sharing the same medium.
* Added better progress indication for OpenCL program building.
* Updated bundled 3ds Max plugin to 0.7.1.
* Updated bundled Blender plugin to 4.0.10.
* Updated bundled C4D plugin to 4.0.64.
* Updated bundled SketchUp plugin to
* Added new example scenes from competition.

* SDK: Added setThreadPriority to Renderer.
* SDK: Allow halt request to be sent again after update.

* Fixed a few crashes in SDK.

* Fixed scene info showing incorrect statistics
* Indigo Renderer/RT app bundles are called "" again for now.
* Fixed wireframe mode not working in OpenGL preview.

* GPU PT: Building of OpenCL data is faster and uses less memory.
* Added initial support for Retina screens on macOS.

* GPU PT: Better caching for OpenCL programs
* GPU PT: Faster, parallel building of OpenCL programs on Windows and Linux.

* GPU PT: Fixed crash with multiple GPU devices.
* GPU PT: Fixed issue with emitters and null materials.
* GPU PT: Fixed problem with realtime updating of media.
* Suppressing 'WARNING: Model 'xx' references fewer materials...' warnings once 100 have been emitted.

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