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Mesh Banner Sketchup

Post by epsjesse » Sun May 09, 2021 3:20 pm

I am trying to make a mesh banner for on a concert stage, it needs to be transparent. Hopefully with the ability to load client graphics onto it.

The models are created in sketchup, then sent over to indigo via the drop down menu.

while i am able to create just a flat surface for the banner, and am able to make it look like a solid vinyl banner, i am unable to get any sort of transparency for them. I tried playing with every material type and none look good at all.

I then tried to draw a mesh type material that the banner is made out of, see this link from manufacture of the material ... ker%2bmesh

when i created something like this, basically the flat surface with a bunch of 1/16" squares, sketchup wont export the file into indigo, it just hangs at building meshes 1580/1598. while it looks correct in sketchup, i am at a loss as to why it will not export into indigo. i have tried redrawing the banner multiple times and the same result, just hanging on building meshes..

the model works fine when the banners are removed from the model.

Sketchup Pro 2021 & Indigo RT 4.4.18

Computer has latest drivers, updates and everything. 8 Core AMD, 64gb ram and AMD pro VII card.

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