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Indigo News


The Ranch Renderfarm Blitz

Written Wednesday 9 Feb

The Ranch Renderfarm is running a promotion that gives you 5 minutes for free on their renderfarm. 5 minutes on the Ranch is equivalent to 4 hours on a 12-core/24-thread MacPro or 10 hours on a Core i7 computer.

The Ranch works very well with Indigo, and 5 minutes will likely get you a beautiful clear Indigo render!

The Ranch is running Indigo 2.4 stable and therefore will not yet support 2.6 Beta's glass acceleration. If you have a 2.6.1 exporter be sure to remove this line from any .igs before you send it (Thanks Zom-b).

Visit the Ranch Blitz! for more information.
The Ranch Renderfarm


Winners of Steampunk Competition

Written Wednesday 2 Feb

And here are the winners! We had just 7 entries, but with the incredibly high quality of some of the entries, it was a difficult decision.

1st Place: Solarray
Full 2.0 Licence & Gold forum badge

2nd Place: Camox
Indigo T-Shirt & Node licence & Silver forum badge

3rd Place: Bacon
Indigo T-Shirt & Bronze forum badge

Visit the forum thread here

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who entered!


Artist Feature: Piotr Lusnia

Written Wednesday 12 Jan

An Indigo community heavyweight, Piotr Lusnia, also known as hcpiter on our forum, is the creator of many outstandingly realistic architectural visualisations. Hailing from Poland, Piotr has been a valued forum member since Feb 2010 and kindly agreed to doing this feature.

Read article...

Other artist interviews


Blender World Cup 2010

Written Monday 10 Jan

The BWC2010 has been judged and first place went to dakiru with a remarkable Indigo render. For his effort, dakiru has won a full Indigo licence.

For the rest of the winners visit the BWC 2010

Congratulations to dakiru and rest of the BWC2010 winners.


Artist Feature: Arthur Liebnau

Written Wednesday 8 Dec

We have a new section of the website bringing some new interviews with some of Indigo's hottest artists.

Arthur Liebnau, known in the forum community as Zom-B, has shown himself to be a power user since the earliest days of Indigo's history. His relentless pushing of Indigo's limits has helped it become the powerful rendering engine it is today, and we are indebted to him for the many bug reports and suggestions he has made over the years.

Read the article

Artist interviews page - more coming soon!


The Ranch Renderfarm has upgraded!

Written Wednesday 8 Dec

The new system is 2.5 to 3 times as fast as the 'old' RANCH (which could hardly be considered slow).
- a project which took one hour of render time is now done in around 20-25 minutes.
- we can render super-heavy projects as each RR node has 24 GB RAM.
- the gathering+merging phase is also 2.5 times faster, which means that a full merging from all the RANCH Runner nodes takes 8 minutes with 2 GB IGIs, when it took 20 minutes before.
- the IGI size limit that we can process (2.5 GB) is now increased to 5 GB.

This massive speed increase does not cost more to our customers. In fact on many projects it costs less!

Forum post link
Benchmark info
Ranch Renderfarm newsletter


December 2010 Competition - Steampunk

Written Thursday 25 Nov

This month's (and next's) competition is themed steampunk. Avoid the Christmas hype, family, holidays and other distractions, and win prizes! Create some playful, quirky and steampunky artifacts and scenes.


First: Full 2.0 Licence & Gold forum badge
Second: Indigo T-Shirt & Node licence & Silver forum badge
Third: Indigo T-Shirt & Bronze forum badge


Indigo Online Manual

Written Tuesday 9 Nov

The Indigo documentation is now online as part of the website. It will be updated and expanded as development of Indigo changes, and it aims to be the most comprehensible gathering of Indigo documentation, in a readable format.
Read up on Indigo, and feel free to send your comments and suggestions through the feedback form available on the bottom of each manual page.

Check it out!
Indigo Online Manual


Atmospheric scattering tests

Written Wednesday 13 Oct

Over here at Indigo HQ, we have been doing some more experiments and optimisation of our atmospheric scattering code.


Indigo for Revit Beta 4 Released with Revit 2011 Support

Written Friday 1 Oct

We are proud to announce the release of Indigo for Revit Beta 4. It now supports Revit 2011 and has many Improvements over the last release, such as:

- Added support for Revit 2011
- Fixed problem where no 3d Views where found in non English versions
- Added support for environment maps
- Fixed UV export
- I4R can now get the sun position from Revit (2011 only)
- Added support for arch glass acceleration
- I4R dialogs can now be closed by pressing ESC (cancels, changes wont be saved)
- I4R dialogs are displayed in the screen center