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Scratched metal

Metal material (aluminum) with procedural scratches. Besides of the scratch bump shader, this is a simple phong metal, so you can tweak the base material to make any scratched material. Best rendered with some supersampling, such as 2 or even 4.
author: galinette


Diamond Real

A material for diamond utlising cauchy and tabulated absorption. This material is built from measured data of real diamond. As this is a physically correct material, correct scene scale is very important for accurate results. Also bear in mind that much of the beauty of a diamond comes from t....
author: WytRaven


Emerald know the deal: This is a re-upload as the first Emerald material apparently got borked after I tried to update it..
author: cpfresh



Blend of different materials (phongs, gold, cooper...) that turned to look like a blue carpaint. First time I try to create a IGM material, so it might be buggy..
author: drBouvierLeduc


Dark Walnut European

Simple and slight glossy European Walnut. First attempt to create a material file with textures. Based on existing wood material (glossy wood), but with appropriate texture image file. Seamless and resolution of 718x400 pixels..
author: mvandervoort


Purple Decorative Candle

A purple candle wax material with decorative gold foil..
author: Whaat



credit Phrostbyte for this icy material.
author: Whaat


Melting Ice

I've tried to reproduce the ice melting from my freezer when I de-ice it. The blue shade is not physically correct (you need several meters thick of ice to see it bluish), meaning the blue absorption should be lower. However it provides a icy feeling. Remove it if you want to be realistic. Ful....
author: galinette


Blue Rubber

Here is a basic rubber material~ Hope someone finds it usefull.. :].
author: bnolan



Alright, this is my try on some coke..
author: PureSpider


Scratched Glass

A simple specular material with a bump map. Great for scratched glass or ice..
author: Godzilla



author: viqluant