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SkIndigo Texture Editor / Broken Links

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:11 am
by CNorberg
Hello Ono!

I've been building my material library for a few years now, and have recently noticed that my file path for material textures is being dropped in new SKP documents. Once I relink the image, it stays in that document, and for any other material that uses that same texture image.

If I open the same document on another computer (I keep all files in the same folders/same paths, and this always worked fine) or if I open a new document, create a shape, and assign the same material, then the texture editor shows a blank file path and I have to relink it. I have hundreds of materials and texture files, and things used to work so smoothly.

I have no idea when this broke, and I have tried using older versions of Sketchup and Indigo, and can't get it to work again.

I have tried placing my images in folders all over my computer, saving the materials out, etc.

If I export the texture, it will save an igm file and give me an error message that it could not be packed. I can import the igm into a new material and that will keep the file path/texture image, but will reset my skp material to 10x10.

I am running a Lenovo desktop and a Lenovo laptop, both running windows 10, currently using SKP 2020 & Indigo 4.4.6 (I have tried versions back to 4.0.65 in SKP 2019).

I am rendering daily for my job, and this is really dropping my productivity.

I love Indigo and you are awesome. Please help!

Thank you!