Indigo SDK 3.6.20

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Indigo SDK 3.6.20

Post by OnoSendai » Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:25 pm

Links to SDK builds:
Windows - ... _3.6.20.7z
OS X - ... 3.6.20.dmg

Password as per usual. Email Yves or Nick if you don't have it.

* Added IndigoMaterialSerialisation class to the SDK, for loading IGM and PIGM files into scene graph.
* Updated indigo_dll_example/Driver.cpp to show an example of loading and using a material from an IGM file.
* Added getHardwareIdentifier() to Indigo::HardwareInfo interface. Returns a Handle to a HardwareIdentifier.
* Added getting of hardware id to indigo_dll_example/Driver.cpp
* Added example code for a blend material, plus example code for saving to IGS to indigo_dll_example/Driver.cpp.
* SDK distribution now has a slightly different folder structure. (new 'binaries' and 'lib' dirs)
* SDK now includes debug DLLs.
* Updated the SDK example projects and driver.cpp to work with the new SDK folder structure.

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