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Cindigo Developement

Post by fused » Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:08 am


this threads purpose is not for discussion, just for keeping track of it (since lots of feature requests/bug and so on) get lost in the forums.

removed all unnessecary posts.
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Post by Zom-B » Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:42 am

Hey fused, please add to the list I try to keep this post up-to-date and edit if new stuff gets found or into my mind! Indigo 1.1.18 RC4


- In some cases the mesh position is exported wrong. This issue can be seen on the village bodypaint scene in C4D10 or another simple scene by me here.

- if (un)tonemapped EXR Export is enabled and on Export Render Output location is checked, save all images there and not only the PNG!

- On Export only used materials should be exported, otherwise for network rendering there may be some unneeded network traffic generated by loading unused textures...

- the Exponent field in the Indigo material Object should vanish if a exponent Map is loaded for this material, because it gets ignored. the Exponent & the b value for the exponent Map should be also linked! A changed b exponent map value would become the exponent value if the user deletes the map from the material.

- Materials that use some shaders for coloring always get converted black, ignore the shader and use at least the RGB color of the material

- Some of the advanced features are related to MLT mode only, just like large_mutation_prob and max_num_consec_rejections... maybe max_depth is too, but I really don't know :/
The idea is to disable this features if using Pathtracing!


- since the backround can be textured now, having the Indigo render settings tag behave like a C4D Sky Object would make sense. by this, the user could simply preview the sky material/envMap and also use the X rotation that would be exported to Indigo probably.

- changing the ISL shader from a C4D shader to a textfield enabled in the Indigo material Helper by a checkbox, would make more sense, and would also allow scenefiles that work for C4D rendering and Indigo at the same time!!

- a visualization for how many subdivs are chosen for the subdiv Icon would be cool

- The way to get alpha mapped materials in Cinidigo is a time bandit an generates extra materials for blending. Why not handling this blend material usage on export internal and have a simple bar on the Cindigo material properties Tag like for bum/displ./exponent etc. if a map for alpha is chooses + the step blend check box (check box is controlled in material conversation by "soft" in the c4d alpha material area!)

- A function to exchange Cindigo Instances to C4D Instances and visa versa would be nice.

- <random_triangle_colours> checkbox could be moved to the subdiv Tag, because its makes more "usage-based-sense" there...

- since the Export settings now get memorized probably, such a feature for some paths would be very convenient too, like: igs-export, igm-import, IES-files, camera type files etc.

- A nice feature for more complex scenes would be some sorting function in the Material Object, where all the converted Cindigo Materials get into. Sorting like in alphabetic order, or material type, where the materials get in a separate NullObject for phong, diffuse etc. Also sorting on stuff like uses Displacement, emittes light etc. would be nice to keep your materials managed! This sorting function could also at the same time throw the C4D materials in Layers according to the kind of sorting (optional)

- The exported igmesh should be named: "NUMBER_MESHNAME.igmesh" by this, this naming makes more sense and is much more useful for igmesh import and Luminous Flux display of the meshes in Indigo!

- for animations that have the "Start Indigo option" on during export, Indigo could be fired up directly after the first frame was exported. Since C4D uses only 1 thread, Indigo could just start rendering with the other unused Cores :)

- For animations and the "specify render output" enabled on export, an additional underscore + frame number would be great to enable output like "testrender_23.png", and this is useful to import in Video software.

- The Batch file for animation sometimes simply ends, if you start and stop other Indigo non animation renderings while the animation renders :/

- Some info about rendertime and spp reached for the batch window in animation rendering would be nice after frame was finished!


- verbose inifile setting
- write_aperture_preview inifile setting
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