Indigo SDK 4.0.50

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Indigo SDK 4.0.50

Post by OnoSendai » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:58 am

Links to SDK builds:
Windows - ... _4.0.50.7z
OS X - ... 4.0.50.dmg

Password as per usual. Email Yves or Nick if you don't have it.

* All updateSequenceNumber() calls can be removed (automatically done in setDirtyFlags() now)
* ToneMappingDoneMessage message has been removed. Instead use Indigo::ToneMapper::isImageFresh().
(Indigo::ToneMapper::isToneMappingDone() also works but isImageFresh() is preferred.)
* You can now set render settings more directly instead of looking up by string, e.g.
instead of
settings->setBoolValue("bidirectional", false);
* Texture are now passed directly into TextureWavelengthDependentParam, instead of referenced by index.
* renderer->initialiseWithScene() now takes a tone mapper reference.
This is so tonemapping can be done automatically by the renderer after realtime changes.

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