August 2012 competition - final renders

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Re: August 2012 competition - final renders

Post by Oscar J » Fri Sep 07, 2012 10:19 am

Here are my entry images.

The daylight render from inside the room was made using the Sun + Sky lighting, was rendered at 3840 x 2600 to ≈ 400 spp and resized. Contrast and brigtness slightly adjusted in PS + resizing. I also mixed two different exposures (the curtains tended to become a little blown out). It is supposed to be the main image, and was rendered for quite a while... but I figured I couldn't quite compete with some of the other contestant by doing light, shiny renderers only.

Thus I tried to do a late evening kind of lighting, with only a dark, subtle HDRI light shining through the thin curtains. I wasn't able to let it render for more than a few hours, so it's a bit grainy. However I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Only resizing was done afterwards with this render.

The other one was a result of trying out the new demolition tool in blender. I smashed the window, and put a burglar (well, hands and a sack) outside looking into the room. Resizing and contrast adjustments were done in PS. It's no masterpiece, but I thought an unusual angle was needed to compete with the other's great submissions.

Hope you will like it, and good luck to all of you! //Oscar Johansson
Mat n' Light Contest - Soft Daylight.jpg
Mat n' Light Contest - Late Evening 2.jpg
Mat n' Light Contest - Burglar.jpg
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Re: August 2012 competition - final renders

Post by JK » Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:39 am


So here it is. Only three images - two with and one without the post process. Postprocessing - adjusted some tones and smoothed it a bit.

It's a 1500SPP with Bidir MLT + 3 supersamples. Most of the models grabbed from sketchup with some tweaking on them. Couldnt bake it any longer to hit the deadline.

The idea was to create a space that could be read as an old room but in the future. My ispirations were Blade Runner and old photos from 19th and 20th century. Got plenty of ref files for that! ;)

I promised a story behind this one. When I'm doing a scene(I'm usually doing sketches with a real pencil ;-) - thing I've learned when studying architecture) I always try to give it a background story. I ask myself - who, where and what's going on? Were any1 moving on the scene? Is it still? Whats the general feel of it? Very large part of my life was fantasy and sci-fi(I even participated in making of RPG system based on Slavic Europe 9th century) so it was the right direction to go I guess.

About the story. I thought of a lab somewhere in the future, I'm guessing 30th century.

Once there was a siencetist - man with a vision of making useful things for the society. Then something tragic happened. His wife died. It ruined his life. Made him go mad. As he was a peaceful person who only wanted to make some good to the world he never raged at anyone or anything. Never blamed God. He just thought of many things he lost at this moment. Simple things like feeling her warm touch, longlasting conversations that always made him feel good. He coudln't stand that they didn't say 'Goodbye'.

So he started gathering information - from the stolen knowledge, long forgotten. People in this time only thought of making things simpler, rushing every second of their lifes. His madness pushed him to the limits. The only thing that could balance his ruined life was bringing her to life again. He reconstructed her body, filled her artifical brain with all the memories he could find. She had seven dictionaries. It was all there. All the simpe things.

But it never got any easier. He managed to construct a chamber where the cybernetic body was filled with a living tissue. Uploaded the memories. And then suddenly... He passed away.

After five decades the process was over. Chamber opened automatically. The work wasnt finished though. His love stepped outside but she couldnt feel the gentle wind brease nor a warm temperature of a dying sun. She couldnt find her beloved one, there were only bones - polished by one of the inventions he made. Trying to take a grasp she went to the window, staring at the sight. She will stay there forever. Immortal.

Hope I didnt bore you all ;-) I just couldnt resist. I know it's not a story contest but these were the things that made me do the work.



The sketches on the render are made by Da Vinci. Not me. Just to clarify it :)


Added second view renders. The strange geometry on the glass are reflected footsteps. Same settings only got 2600SPP this time.
No postprocess.
No postprocess.

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Re: August 2012 competition - final renders

Post by polygonmode » Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:01 pm

Pibuz wrote:Ehi Carsten! Quite nice image! I just LOVE the dust on the floor, easter egg included ;)
Is that a blendmat? Lighting by sun/sky or hdr?
Thank you Pibuz. The floor is a mix of phong-material and oren-nayar. for the oren-nayar i used the same texture in albedo, but with a layer of a cloudy bright grey (clouds- filter in ps and then blurred out) on top of it. The blendmap was a picture of traces and footprints in the snow plus the small easteregg out of the resources-folder of indigo :)

For the light i used one smaller emitter as the sun, for softer shadows as the original sun, and one huge emitter, acting as the sky. i found no control for making the sun bigger, so to have softer shadows. The sky-emitter was placed to get cool reflections on the floor and the destroyed wooden thing und the window. so i got deeper shadows, more direct light and less bouncing light from the other windows.

Cheers, Carsten
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Re: August 2012 competition - final renders

Post by fused » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:57 pm

Great work, everyone!

We will announce the winners as soon as we are done with the voting :)

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